Tuesday, September 23, 2008

twirl you all around the floor

it's the first day of fall!
i've been waiting until today to wear my flannel jammies. the leaves aren't changing, but flannel feels like fall. i guess my bruise has been changing colors :P not the same.

i went to take a picture and i noticed a whole bunch of ants on/in my camera. rat bastards! as dad would say. i think i de-anted it, but i'm keeping an eye on it. now i feel kind of creepy crawly though.

jerry and i had chinese today. it's getting considerably harder. now we're learning to write characters. i need to make flash cards because i can't remember what they mean. it's interesting though.
when i was downtown today, i could recognize some characters on the street signs and tonight on the close captioning on tv i could recognize a few too. it makes it seem less like you're somewhere you don't belong and more like everything is in code and you keep getting more and more decoding tools every day.

we got a new girl today, lesley. she's from somewhere in the US. her mom is from texas. she seems pretty down to earth and nice.

we played scrabble tonight and i beat noe by 5 points with a 186. i love scrabble.


Majjy said...

I love scrabble too. Dad won't play with me but Marilyn said she would. Maybe we'll take a board to el lago for slow, lazy weekends.

Aunt Margy doesn't have a remedy for the ants in the camera and hasn't encountered that particular problem in her photographic career. I'll mail you some big zip lock bags.

missris said...

I LOVE scrabble. people won't play with me though, I think they're scared. If we're ever in the same city again, it's ON.

WK said...

Sweet Jesus, I don't read your blog for three days and you're contused and lacerated.

Now you have battle scars and stories to tell future offspring about that one time you were in Taiwan and almost careened into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Rat Bastards, the latest issue of Sweet Potato Times was blocked from my email! Part of the message follows:contained one or more profanity words. The message from "Megan Klein" was blocked.". Got to love corporate America huh?

Back in SD.

Love Faj

Anonymous said...

You might need to invest in a high quality anti-virus...