Thursday, June 19, 2008

day 1

It feels weird that I just got here this morning because I had a full day. After I saw Alex, I called mom and dad again on Skype and then Jerry came by to see me. It makes me feel better to see him relatively well adjusted since he was pretty shaken up when he first got here. If he's only been here for 4 days and he's already doing so well, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's been funny because all of the existing teachers just met Jerry and he told them all that I'd be coming shortly, so every time I meet someone they say 'oh yeah, Jerry told us you were coming.' They all seem really nice. I hung out upstairs for a little while tonight while I made my chicken noodle soup (thank goodness for that website that told me to bring it), but I'm too tired to stay up and chat.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
After Jerry came by, I just hung out for a few hours before meeting with Sandy, the woman who's basically in charge of everything. She's super nice and she explained all of the rules to me. It's funny how regulated everything is. If you call 4 hours ahead of time, there's no penalty, but if you call 3 hours ahead, $100NT is docked, 2 hours $200, etc. And you get incremental bonuses and there seems to be a reward/consequence for everything imaginable.
She also told me that flip flops are house shoes and you're not supposed to wear them outside or to class. :(
Finally, I observed my first class tonight. It was insane. The teacher, Brandon, was super loud and his class was off the wall hyper and they were screaming the whole time and being totally crazy. Apparently some classes are like that and some are really dead. I had to play a game with them for 10 minutes at the end. It's pretty overwhelming but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
Overall, I think this seems doable. I've definitely had a few 'I don't think so' moments, but in general, the people are nice and I think I'll be fine.
Oh! The toilets are crazy. It's like a urinal on it's side in the floor. With no water. It's crazy.
But I found a regular toilet on the 5th floor thank goodness.

Ok time to try to sleep.


Majjy said...

When I looked at the clock a moment ago it read 11:11............and i thought "ah angel hour"..........and it reminded me that you are being watched over by very special angels (one being your Grandfather Mannix.)

Your new surrounding will look different after some much deserved sleep. You've been awake for more than 48 hours. Sleep tight (what does that mean anyway?) and know that you are well loved.

Blogasaki: Memoirs of a Kramer said...

Megan! Welcome to Asia! Everything over here IS different, huh? Thanks for the kind words on my blog! Anyway, just take things one day at a time--I came to Japan only knowing how to say "Thank you", and for a while I didn't even try to read anything. You'll learn the characters out of necessity soon enough :-)

Anyway, congratulations on starting what will surely be one of the best adventures of your life--I'm so envious that you have Guppy and Jerry there--you're going to have an absolute BLAST!

I'll be in Austin in less than 2 months (yay!), and I'll let you know how that turns out!

Take care and enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your time in Taiwan!