Wednesday, August 12, 2009

goodbye wednesday

goodbye wednesday class. i'm going to miss how you spoke mostly chinese all year and then once you found out i understood some of what you were saying, you started speaking it just to test me. i'll miss how you're too cool for me because i'm all sunshiney and augusta is your favorite because she's strict and strong.
i'll miss that mindy and tina, the mean girls, actually started showing small signs of friendship with offers of chips and candy even if it was done by yelling across the room in chinese during the movie. i'll miss nicole and jane's sweet notes during QAs. i'll miss joyce 1 and joyce 2 even though i never learned which was which.
i'll miss how aaron even said 'i don't know' in chinese and how justin was a jerk in front of the class but really sweet one on one. i'll miss harrison's grandma who gave me a ride when i was new. i'll miss ben and how everyone picks on him just for being the smallest.
jane gave me a present! it was wrapped with shiny pink and silver wrapping paper that said 'i will miss you' all over it.
and hooray for sweet notes. they make the world go 'round and jane was my favorite so it really means something extra special.
p.s. wouldn't you try to marry a taiwanese person just for these wedding photos? the next 5 minutes will be the highlight of your day, seriously. look how lovely my coteacher is!


koji said...

a majority of tw wedding photos are very tacky. one thing that tw don't realize is how bad a a white tux on a guy doesn't work in photos, it's because when standing beside the bride, the white on white has no definition and really ends up looking like a white blob.

megan said...

i love how theyre tacky but everyone does them so it's just become normal. i posted that picture on facebook and my american friends think it's crazy, but it really looks normal to me. i wish i had remembered to take them before i left! that would be so much fun.

Majjy said...

I tear up every time I think about you leaving your new friends and students. I remember when you were in 6th grade and we had just moved to Texas from Arizona. You were feeling badly about starting over in a new place and I reminded you that you had made great friends in California and then again easily in Flagstaff. Knowing you would master it a third time, I asked who among your AZ childhood friends would you have NOT wanted to have met (assuming we never moved from CA.) Of course you said that you wouldn't want to give any of them up. You understood that moving had expanded your circle to include more terrific people and experiences. And now here you are again- leaving Taiwan- with yet another ring of friendships. It makes me have come a long long way in the past year and have embraced many live lessons. It is a pleasure to watch you expand.
i love you

megan said...

:) thanks maj.

Stephpooh said...

So sad that youre leaving. I'm sure they're going to miss you.
Wedding pictures lol.
You can do your family pictures just like that one. My family did that and we all wear fancy dress and make-ups.
oh btw I'm Stephanie, the one sent you e-mail. I made a blog at blogspot because my TW one wouldnt let me have a music box on it.

Jimmie said...

I bet you $50NT that I end up with this class instead of your GE classes. They love giving me WOW classes.

Its_Lily said...

And I teared up reading Majjy's post. I'm so going to miss your mad Taiwan adventures. I swear, if you don't continue blogging when you come stateside I'm going to hunt you down in DC and MAKE you continue. *grins* After we have lunch of course.

Yes, I saw his soy milk. Like your mom towards you, I too am amazed at how he has grown. You Taiwan teachers are rock stars in my book.