Thursday, August 13, 2009

pictures of da chu

driving to da chu on wednesdays is my fav because the sunset is so pretty. ..nevermind that this pond smells like raw sewage. :)

amanda had a daaaate so she had jie mao gao (mascara).
the kuo's had fried dumplings yesterday with sauce his mom made andd i got to use the family chopsticks for the first time!! usually i get the disposable ones. another milestone reached.
random mom: did you make those dumplings?
mrs. chan: no, we bought them. i'm just frying them again so they're crispy
mom: the teacher is eating with you?
mrs. chan: she teaches across the street but she eats dinner with us four nights a week and she loves these dumplings. they're from blahblah, you should try them
mom: interesting

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