Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hei se de mian bao

..megan walks into love cake wearing a drippy rain jacket, picks out some bacon garlic bread and some normal garlic bread. at the cash register, there's a sample with black bread under the glass cover.
megan: why is this bread black?
woman: ummm.. [hands megan a flier]
... this is why it's important to always ask. it didn't look like that picture though. it was like a jellyroll with cheese inside but i couldn't tell what the other bits were.
anyway i ate half of it and then decided that fishy bread just isn't my thing.

they do a bunch of birthday cakes. birthday cakes in asian bakeries are all this funny bubble shape. all the better for cutesy designs!
..and not so cutesy designs.
the flier itself has the censoring. oh, taiwan. i'm going to miss you.


jeremiah said...

ooooh, we tried the squid ink bread the other day. crazy color. i'm sure taiwan will miss you too!

Its_Lily said...

Taiwan is in your blood now. You may physically leave, but it will never leave you. Who could have guessed? I know your family is happy to have you coming back stateside, but I agree with Jeremiah....Taiwan will miss you.