Friday, August 14, 2009

ying ge with alex

these are the pictures from when alex and i went ying ge and made some pots. his camera is the same as mine but he has some ridiculous zoom lens.

(are you singing aaaaabbaaaaa, aaaba pooottterrrr.. [how does it go, maj?]).
youuu are the pooottterrrr... and i am the claayyyyy.
oh, metaphysical church songs from my childhood.


Its_Lily said...

I think it's "Abba Father", but hey, it's been a while for me.

You both are clearly having fun there. He says he's not an artist, but I think he might be wrong. He's got the personality to be a great artist.

Majjy said...

It is Abba Father you are the potter and I am the clay..the work of your hands..

megan said...

i took a 'sculptural ceramics' class when i was in austin, but we did some wheel work, and it was sooo hard for me then. i was amazed how alex just jumped in and did it like a pro. he really has the confidence/attitude to just try anything. i really admire that in him.