Thursday, August 20, 2009


12 hours ago..well, i managed not to cry in the car even as mr. kuo dabbed at his eyes without saying a word, but i haven't really stopped crying since i walked through security (and i haven't even read what the people in the dorm wrote to me in my goodbye book). it makes me think of the first time i was in this airport, crying my eyes out because i didn't know what anything said, everyone was staring at me, and i didn't know how to get to my house or have anyone there except those friendly taxi drivers, who didn't understand a word i was saying, to help me.
(bras on the sidewalk in front of carrefour).
now i can ask for help and talk to the people around me. sometimes i can figure out a sign even if it isn't in english. i've swum illegally in taroko gorge, gotten $3 massages in the philippines and learned to dive in thailand. i've eaten squid balls, pig intestine soup, sheets of seaweed and fried durian.
i'll miss the stares on the street and people who talk to me through giggles just because they think i'm pretty. i'll always remember all of the things i've done and seen, all of the people i've met and things i've eaten. it's been an awesome year and a couple of months.
(asian-fab post-its).
even though i have blonde hair in blue eyes, i'll always feel a little taiwanese on the inside. i already find myself wishing i wasn't hearing the english around me. i've gotten pretty used to everything in chinese and i always looked forward to seeing the little change in people's faces when i started speaking chinese to them.
(entrance of carrefour.. which isn't usually filled with shopping carts).
time to get on the plane! all i brought in my carryon is my laptop, a book i had all of my friends/kids sign, my blanket and some shorts. and my pillow. first stop: honolulu. i asked for an exit row seat. here's hoping whoever sits next to me isn't a germaphobe because i still have a pretty annoying cough.
(fruit market).

thank you for following along with me for however long you've been here. even if you've never commented, i know you by your city from my hits tracker. from dumfries to sunnyvale, grandville, rockville and denver, columbus and brampton, the netherlands, hong kong, finland, france, sweden and beyond.. it's been nice to have you along for the ride and i hope you come with me wherever i end up!


WK said...

This post almost made me misty for you. That doesn't happen.

missris said...

This post definitely made me tear up a bit. I'm so happy for you!

Aunt Carol said...

Maybe now you can understand how a year in South Africa when I was 18 was life altering! I am still in touch with my South African family after 40 years! It led to a summer exploring Europe, two college terms at the University of Sussex in England, trips to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, France, etc. And to taking you to Paris and London when you were 16! It's a gift that I will always treasure! Hope you do, too!

Its_Lily said...

I was afraid to come here today, but I couldn't stay away. You've made me cry as if I were at the airport saying goodbye to you. Fare thee well 'our' dear Blonde in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Heeheehee. I have a boring desk job.

Welcome home.

Calvin said...

Wish you the best luck in DC. I can totally feel you. As a Taiwanese, this is how I feel about the America.

Beverly said...

I'm going to miss Taiwan!

I am, however, eager to read your "blonde in D.C." entries!

Anonymous said...

awww...buddy. i can't live up to taiwan. lower your expectations, and then come to DC. =) at least i have a car.

stace-c said...

I'm going to miss reading about your Taiwan experiences, but I'm looking forward to hearing about your White House life!!

martha said...

meg yuo must be so excited 4 d.c. i will really miss your blog entries. i hope to hear about washington and your future when you get back to tx.

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