Thursday, August 13, 2009

goodbye thursday

goodbye mr. wang! thank you for the cake, tea and company. "do you love me?"
goodbye thursday yellow book class! crazy pronunciation, following emily's rules, exchanging funny faces when no one was looking, voices that no one could hear, slow writers who became the fastest in the class, judy 1 and judy 2, unhappy moms.
left to right: outspoken mandy, strong wendy, inaudible elaine, funny face angela, sweet angel, clueless kelly, coming out of her shell judy, focused bella.
sweet, crazy boys. spaced out ryan, "i don't know" danny, slurred sean, ADD jason and quiet kevin.

goodbye GL2! it was a victory just to get everyone to sit down at the same time and stay seated. you can't read with your fingers on the words (or read at all, i think), but you're super sweet and you'll get better with time..
wendy during our reading/writing relay.
charlie and i paper scissor stoned before/during/after class and once i introduced jerry's "claw", he started coming up with his own variations. the bird, the double claw, the dog. wendy, sherry and charlie demonstrate:
cutest, tiniest boy in taiwan. i'm going to miss that sweet face (and the snail)!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing journey. What a wonderful story.

I've enjoyed everyday of it.

I wanted to wish you luck, but then I realized that you have learned to make your own.

So let me just say:

Safe journey and God speed.

megan said...

thank you so much :) i think i'm turning into an emotional mess with all of these goodbyes but your note is making me all teary.

koji said...

i'm going to miss reading about your life in TW. sorry, i doubt i'll keep up to date when you're in DC. i love TW and i envy your life there. i only get to TW once a year and i miss it when i'm not there, your blog keeps me enteratined and 'home' sick although i'm not from there.

how did you come to know the Kuo's?

good luck in your future endeavours.

Its_Lily said...

It appears that you're words and adventures have touched people all over the world. Amazing.....

I read about someone turning their blog and comment posts into a book. You may want to think about doing that. It's priceless.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! when is your flight home? i'm no taiwan but i promise to make DC fun. =)

megan said...

my friend derek showed me the restaurant one day when we both had a break. then i started going by myself and just pointing to some vegetables when i didn't know any chinese. over time, mrs. chan would try to get me to eat different things so she'd just make me something to try. eventually i started sitting inside their restaurant, mr. kuo started learning english and i was learning more chinese, so we could talk. and the rest is history :)

lily, i was thinking about that. i'm going to look into it after DC maybe.

bec, i fly home august 20 and i fly to DC sept 5. :) yay i'm excited to see you!

koji said...

thank you for the background.
you really have entertained many over the past year. I think part of what i enjoyed about your blog is your fresh look in new country, you never had any bad to say, the children were adorable. I think it's too bad that you didn't have a chance to really see more of TW.

again thank you and good luck.