Wednesday, August 5, 2009

save me

i've had a headache all day and it's making me minchy so this will be short.

..did some laundry and started to sort through what's staying in taiwan and what's coming home. i didn't get very far. i think i'm just going to see how much i can cram into my suitcases and then edit based on what won't fit. imagine packing your life for a year into two suitcases. clothes, shoes, decorations, a quilt, a duvet, a pillow, books.
beforeafter (yes, after.)
i brought the kuo's a custard apple, a bag of tangerines and one of the bags of tea i bought in ying ge. i learned that custard apples need to be refrigerated to taste good so we'll eat that tomorrow, you apparently only eat tangerines if you're sick, but we broke that rule today, and i shouldn't buy them tea because i get ripped off. i said meiguanxi to that and we just ate it.
mr. kuo made me tuna salad. ingredients: canned tuna packed in oil, coarsely chopped white onion. onion to fish ratio: 2:1. green onion. soy sauce. sugar.
i am a pro at forcing myself to swallow things that i wouldn't usually eat though. am i a soy sauce and sugar tuna salad convert? no. but did it taste kind of good by the 4th bite? yes.
i forgot about my chinese lesson with linda tonight which bums me out. i look forward to that all week. i think the aleve is kicking in!

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo. this is aaaamaaaazingggg. from katepruitt's blog.

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Its_Lily said...

You should really check on the cost to bring an extra bag home. If it's only $50 then isn't it worth it to be able to bring your treasures with you? An extra suitcase is certainly cheaper than mailing them home. You loved those items enough to buy them....I would think you would miss them when you got home.