Friday, August 7, 2009


we have a typhoon day friday! no school!
driving to school today was crazy. last year, i was still taking the bus, so this time around was a whole different thing. there was a weird layer of yellow stuff on the roads that i later figured out was sand from the ocean water? or something. anyway it was pelting me as i was trying to drive over this bridge on the way to school and i was in a mixture of giggles and screaming as water was really hurting my arms as it hit my thin little stupid north face rain jacket, and my helmet turned out to be completely useless. water was dripping right from the top and hitting my nose which was just making me laugh.
after successfully crossing under a bridge through 6 inches of water, i was just happy to have made it to school/the kuo's, where i knew i could seek refuge. my shirt was soaked right down the middle where it leaked at the zipper, so mr. kuo gave me a polyester baby blue zip up polo to wear. so funny.

anyway we found out we have no school tomorrow at like 9pm tonight so everyone ran to 7-11 to buy wine and then we started watching movies. it's 2am and i'm exhausted so i'm headed to bed. tomorrow we're watching a marathon of true blood, some vampire show. i love typhoon days.

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