Wednesday, August 12, 2009

which way home

good news! the apartment i was crossing my fingers for emailed me back and they want to chat! they stood out as the kind of people i'm looking for, in a nice area, for the right price. so i'm hoping that works out. international apartment hunting is no fun. i guess all apartment hunting is no fun. i've emailed something like 30 places now. it will be nice to have it figured out. so here's hoping that the cool house picks me. they seem very my style though. i think it'll happen.

today was a whirlwind. i taught little tiny sweet babies this morning with zero planning. when i walked in.. they all told me their names/ages and then i had them stand up and i had no idea what i was going to have them do. we sang some songs until i thought of something. man they were cute though.

i had to tell my favorite kids that i'm leaving next week. kevin 2 didn't let me check his QA book because he was so upset. tonight was the coteacher's first class ever. she was kind of treating them like babies and she just repeated everything i said. they were all sneaking glances at me and i sign languaged for them to just be nice.

alan and natalie took me out for dinner tonight because they're leaving for thailand tomorrow afternoon. they are so fun, i'm going to miss them! i can't believe it's been a year already. it really feels like the end is near.
i'm way behind schedule. time for bed.

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