Sunday, August 2, 2009

in my best dress

there's a mosquito in my room! it's been months since i've seen one. the worst part is that i had him under my hand and when i took it away, he hobbled off. part of his little dusty self is imprinted on my wall.. so i know he can't last long. but i can't sleep until it's a confirmed kill, so.

today was really low-key. my big accomplishment was one load of laundry. our dryer takes 40NT to run, all 10NT pieces. i had 30 and 2 5's. justin only had a 50. but when i was taking my stuff out of the washer, there was a shiny 10 in the bottom that had just been in the wash cycle. magic.

tomorrow we're going to a little waterfall an hour away. i hope my scooter makes it. jeremiah and allison o'sullivan are on the island right nooowww! i think. they might still be in transit. so excited for them.

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