Thursday, July 2, 2009

pink and brown but not just pink

i got sucked into the time vortex trying to find comforters for my cousins. martha wants solid pink and brown. emma wants blue and green. pbteen, pbkids, IKEA, pennies, overstock and 'outdoor kids' (or something) are all a no-go. taking a break to blog.

it rained today in what seems like the first time in a long time. i think the majority of us were in bed until early afternoon because it was so dark out. i went to the fruit market and the grandma was speaking about me in taiwanese to the guy next door. i feel like the use of taiwanese as a code language isn't fair. i'm finally just catching on to what people are saying in chinese. mrs. chan does that a lot. i think they speak mostly in taiwanese all the time though.

there were a couple of cute things in my little kid class tonight.
ben, jimmie and barry's new thing was 'ben loves teacher megan' or 'jimmy loves teacher megan'. after ben finished reading with me, he said i love you. boys!

and charlie, the tiniest, cutest boy in the whole country sits right next to where i stand so before class and during breaks, we do paper scissor stone or thumb wars and he squeals like a little pig. it is so cute. anyway lately we've been doing variations on paper scissor stone. i stole 'the claw' from jerry. the claw beats everything. so today he came up with 'the snail' which is just a peace sign with one hand and a fist on top. i think snail even beats the claw. we haven't quite worked out the rules yet.

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Aunt Carol said...

How many of those cute kids can you fit in your suitcase? They sound too adorable to leave in Taiwan!

Aunt Carol