Friday, July 31, 2009

the best is yet to come

people kept complaining about the heat but i knew we hadn't reached the worst of it when your booty leaves a pool of sweat on the black vinyl chairs in the living room.. and that day has finally come. it's texas hot in taiwan right now. the big difference is that in texas, common areas, businesses, elevators, classrooms and, most of all--your car--all have really cold AC.
driving a scooter is not the same. you've got hot, dirty exhaust pouring all over you. and thennn, you park in the sun somewhere so your seat is scalding when you get back on. it's crazy. even when you get inside a building, it's just as hot if not worse because of the lack of air flow. my first class tonight has one wall that's solid windows and we just bake in there. and there are 14 sweaty boys, all eating chips and cheeto's.

i told one of my favorite classes that i'm leaving and their reactions were..
"obama!?? cooooll!'
"will we have teacher katie?!"
katie subbed that class while i was in thailand. so i'm excited that they're excited for me and excited to have a new foreign teacher. the coteachers make it seem like your kids are going to freak out and think it's such a big deal, but they're used to having teachers change after a year. i'm going to miss those babies though!

p.s. oohmygoddd the daring bakers' challenge this month was milano cookies and homemade mallows. check this out. (this website continually updates so it may or may not be all cookies when you click. just search for 'milan' or 'milano.'

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