Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a kiss to build a dream on

man, lately i've been excited if any song other than the garbage truck song has gotten stuck in my head. the garbage trucks here play a song exactly like an ice cream truck at home does. it is bizarre. every time i tell my kids that our ice cream trucks play songs like that, they crack up.
speaking of cracking up, in my baby class today with the little little kids, somehow we got onto the topic of the sounds that animals make and we compared the english sounds and chinese sounds. overall, the english ones sound nothing like the actual sound. the chinese ones just lack interest for me. their cow says 'moi moi' though and i do think its more like 'moo moo'

this evening i was talking to dena, a girl who lives at the dorm, and keith about energy in people and in things. it turns out we all believe the same thing which is interesting. there aren't a whooole lot of people out there who have seen What the bleep do we know AND read the celestine prophecy. it makes me feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be.
i pulled something in my upper back when i was hauling around all kinds of books on friday and dena, who studied shiatsu, did some stuff to it tonight for like half an hour and it feels a little better. she's going to start doing sessions for us. she's a genuinely good person. she just radiates it. i hope we get to be lasting friends when this is all over

today all i did was go to a workshop and then teach 2 classes. the kids were alright in the first class and totally cute in the second as they were last week. it's fun. i filled up the whole time with no problem which made me happy. i generally fly through lessons and then im left with time at the end and i have to wing it.
that's it for today. :)


Aunt Carol said...

Hi Meg,
I'm glad you seem to be settling into a routine and liking it! The little little kids sound adorable. Can you take their pictures and post 'em?

Thanks for the photos of Taipei. Can you go to the tippy top of the world's tallest building?
Aunt Carol

megan said...

hey aunt carol,
i don't think we're supposed to take pictures of the kids but i'm sure i will eventually.
you can only go up to the 89th floor of taipei 101, but it's still awesome. i'm not sure what's on the floors above that. i know the tippy top of it is just a big spire.

Anonymous said...

fuck me with a book!!!
In 8th grade, I was helping out an 8th grade teacher. He loaned me the Celestine Prophecy and I loved it so much.
That is awesome.
I don't think I'd want to talk about these things with certain people who think they know it all, but there are some cool ideas in there.

I definitely believe in energy transference. I didn't really like the film.