Friday, July 4, 2008

pool school

i try to remember the interesting parts of my day to tell you but when it gets to the end of the day, everything from the week starts to blend together.
mom said i should post more of the kids names. i don't remember which ones i already named, but my favorites are: tiffany, ally, becky, debby, tiger, jellyfish, eunice, maude, kevin 1 and kevin 2 in the same class, howard, hank, willie, tobby (pronounced toby), bella, brian, sam, ryan, lots of rubies, angel, small,...

the exciting part of today was going to ikea with keith. we scootered on his scooter, got a little lost, but ended up finding it. he had only been once before i so i felt the need to go into IKEA-tourguide mode and point out every single thing i could think of. i dragged him downstairs to get some meatballs only to find out he's a vegetarian. he watched me eat them though and he made a comment that i was literally glowing with joy. i love those meatballs. anyway i picked up a little lamp, a duvet cover so my room wont be covered in little feathery snowflakes at all times, a blanket for the rooftop, and candles for rooftop ambiance.
someone showed me our rooftop yesterday. you open these doors that make it look like you're going to step into a hallway or something, but it just opens to the roof. it's just a big cement pad, but it's a good 10 degrees cooler up there than in our stuffy common area downstairs. anyway like 8 of us went up and hung out on my new blanket and looked at the stars and the scene of downtown and it was very nice.

i'm getting ahead of myself though. after IKEA, keith and i went to a '100 NT store' and i bought some nail clippers and a sticky ball, which is essential for about half of the games they teach us to play. it's a ball made out of suction cups and you can throw it at the whiteboard and it sticks.
and then we went to this bulk candy store and he bought a miiiillion things of candy. it was a really nice afternoon. keith has oddly expressive eyes and facial expressions. he's a lot of fun to be around. crazy canadian though he is.

classes are going well i suppose. i've restarted my non-complaining countdown, so i won't elaborate, but tonight i had a WOW class that was difficult. they weren't very enthralled with anything i tried to do with them. i decided that just having a conversation might work better than trying to play kiddie games with them, and it did. so that was good.

anyway right nowww i'm dying to try out my tiny new lamp. i'm not sure if it's bright enough to read by but i'm going to go find out. i'm 1/3 of the way through the first harry potter book that i found upstairs and i'm a chapter or 2 into like 4 more books.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It was good as usual. Glad you got to get an infusion of Ikea meatballs. Did you wash it down with lingonberry juice??

I'm off to London on Monday morning. Quick trip and no dinner at Halipi's this trip :( Infact.. here's the link to dinner
Nothin like a good curry huh?

Remember the 4th of July! Maybe you can shoot a rocket off the roof!


megan said...

they didnt have lingonberry juice! that was my only complaint. i did have plum green tea but it was pretty disgusting.
mom told me you're going to london. that will be a quick trip! silly that you couldnt just do a teleconference. you should get some dairy milk bars with the green mint crystals, those are the best.
i'm wearing red white and blue for my own personal fourth of july celebration. i was thinking today how becca, will and everyone i usually watch the fireworks with aren't even in town anymore so i'm not really missing anything.
have fun in london
love meg

Brian Levy said...

of course brian is one of your favorite kids. he has the greatest name ever. in an unrelated note, your last email made me smile. i love hearing such nice things from my readers :)