Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy birthday, martyn

martyn, an older english guy who lives in the dorm, turned an unknown age today. he's definitely more than 30 but who knows. who caaares really. but i don't know the number. we went out to this rib place for dinner, half for wednesday night dinner and half for martyn's birthday. it was soooo tasty. SOOO TASTY. steve and i split a chicken caesar salad and baby back ribs, beans and a baked potato. and i had a margarita and half a glass of red wine because we got a bottle free because of something-or-other i don't really know. anyway i was in heaven. a baked potato with sour cream, cheese and bacon was like to dieeee for. and the ribs were pretty good. being from texas, i think i have higher expectations. but not bad. josh and i are becoming scooter pals. i felt a lot less nervous with a little tequila in me, to be honest. although i do feel very safe with him.

other than that, today went well overall. my wednesday classes were pretty good. they really like to play this game i played with my kids from the leadership camp. if i could remember the games we played there, a lot of them would work well for these classes. all kids like to play cool games that make you think.

after class a girl from the front desk tracked me down and they assigned me a new class on saturday morning at 9. the kids are kindy beginners so they're like 4 years old and this is their very first english class. i've heard they're really fun and sweet. but they have no desks, only chairs. and no books. so it's literally up to you and only you to keep them entertained for an hour and a half. it should be interesting. it's soooo earlyyyy but keith said he'd take me although i feel a little bad for having both of us be up so early. but it would save me an HOUR on the bus. maybe i need to buy a scooter.

just for becca: watched enchanted tonight. rewound the part with How Does She Know so i could watch it twice. the cleaning lady was there and she made extra sure that she didn't cross in front of me watching the tv which i thought was very nice. anyway. best movie ever.

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