Monday, July 14, 2008


i didnt do much of anything, to be honest. hung around the dorm all morning. josh, beth and i went to latini's for lunch and i had the panini again because it was so tasty the first time. they were closed until 5 but they let us in early which was nice.
then josh and i went for a ride on the scooter around the surrounding 'townships' ..mainly the back roads of da chu and da hua which means big flower which i think is in reference to the sunflower fields all around. i took one picture of one that was in between these buildings, but there were lots of them that were actual big patches of field like they were being grown for a reason.

anyway it was a nice drive. 2 hours on the back of a scooter is a little rough, but it was good to get out and about. we drove past tons of lotus fields which are like 4 feet of water with these GIANT waterlily looking things growing up like 4 feet above it. and we saw dragon fruit plants. i dont have a picture but it looked liiike this
most of the drive was just little roads with odd buildings like:

we also found a pond with a funny sign.
i was amazed that with a 'turn down the smallest road possible' strategy, we never hit a dead end. we kept magically popping out on main roads and then finding our way to roads we recognized. it was good.

then tonight a bunch of us went to carrefour to buy a new dvd player because ours is dead/dying and then we watched the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. it was a nice night :) we'll end on this note..

keith: just another day in the life
the dorm seems more fun, anyway
me: than what?
keith: before you
me: ah
keith: of course, dont be silly

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Brian Levy said...

you may have a gentleman caller, methinks. that 5 hour massage sounds incredible. can you bring that back to the USA with you?