Monday, July 28, 2008


the kids add an extra syllable to a lot of words ...and-a, quick-a-ly, beth-u. there are millions of words they do it with, i don't know why i can't think of many right now.

after beth and i got back from carrefour this afternoon, i took a long, delightful nap. i hadn't slept well the night before so i needed some catching up. when i woke up, i went upstairs and everyone was playing monopoly and then someone looked on the school's website and found out that school was canceled tomorrow because of the typhoon, so we had a scrabble tournament. everyone in the dorm was in the living room except for emil and steve. it was so much fun. josh made yummy nachos and it's alan's birthday and serena found some silky pink jammies in a storage closet so we gave them to him as a joke. it was pretty funny. he put modeled them for us and it was pretty entertaining.

and we had our own 'nail spa' as they call it. i painted little hearts on my nails. and beth did hers too. josh painted one of dena's hands but no one got a picture of it. it was really rainy and windy the whole time and we were all cozy inside playing games. it seemed like what you should be doing when there's a typhoon outside. a few of them went walking in it to 'experience' it, and i don't think they're back yet.

anyway leila beat me by like 40 points the first game and then josh, leila, noe and i played another game and i lost to josh by 10 or something silly because i inadvertently pointed out what word i was going to play and he blocked me. otherwise i would have won. oh well. anyway all of us were out there together until like 230 or so. it was a lot of fun. then keith and i discussed a whole bunch of things for a few hours and now i'm headed to bed at almost 5 am. no schoooll! i'm going to use the day to do my lesson plans and hang out.

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