Sunday, July 20, 2008

12 shoes, a llama, and a boquet of roses

i just painted my nails so this will be slow going.
today i woke up laaaate! like 1130. i cant even imagine sleeping that late at home. but you really don't miss anything here. i guess theoretically i could be doing something productive in that time, but for now i'm enjoying sleeping late.

what did i do this morning. now i can't remember. i think i just sat in the living room and talked to beth for a while. she's the only other girl here who's into makeup and girly things. i guess natalie kind of is but she doesn't really talk about it. beth goes to the spa and we can talk about girly things which is fun.

eventually i woke josh up and we went to jon's apartment to meet with people who were going to a beach to pick up trash. the deal is that it's the closest beach to us that you can just drive to. there are a lot you could take a train to i guess. but this beach is full of trash. so jon organized a beach clean up and about 8 of us started off and then we eventually got up to like 15 i think. we made a noticeable difference. there were about a million plastic cups and plastic bags, diapers, glow sticks, bottles and juice boxes. notably.. 15 shoes (none that matched), a boquet of dried roses, this giant woolly thing that can only be described as a llama, a monopoly house, and a broom. it was a hilarious/good spirited crowd. they were singing random songs and we had lots of funny conversations and lots of random taiwanese people started picking up trash with us. it was a good day. i kept reapplying sunscreen even though i was covered in sand. we were wearing rubber gloves and when you took one off, there was a good like half cup of sweat that you could pour out of it. it was pretty disgusting. anyway we did that for like 4 hours and then came home and showered.

tonight a bunch of us from the dorm went to dinner. we headed for tapenyaki, this japanese place we went my first week here, but it's sunday night and everything was packed, so we ended up at TGIFridays. i had a jack daniels cheeseburger and a cherry coke and i could have died i was so happy. i didn't eat much before the beach thing and my body was aching from yoga and bending down at the beach all day and food and air conditioning was so good. when i got home, keith and i played scrabble and i beat him by 4 points. he's never lost before apparently, but he's only been playing for 3 months.

one random thing:
beetle nut girls: there are these magenta, lit up boxes all along the side of the road with plexiglass on the front and these girls sitting on stools rolling up beetle nut which is some kind of tobaccoish thing that stains your teeth really red and gives you mouth cancer apparently. there are big patches of ground everywhere that are dyed red from the beetle nut being spit out.
the girls wear these ridiculous outfits, high high heels and will commonly walk out to a car and lean inside the window to talk to the guy. it's odd. they're everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Taiwanese hookers offering a combo pack of drugs with a little afternoon delight.