Saturday, July 5, 2008

with amber waves of grain

today was the funniest fourth of july i've had.
this morning i woke up at ELEVEN O'CLOCK! i was so tired and i just kept going back to sleep every time i woke up. it was good except that i had to leave for school at 230 and it made the morning seem very short. i did my lesson plans and then i left for the bus 5 minutes early and it was evident that i had missed it because no one was waiting at the stop. i waited like 20 minutes and then went back to the dorm and had them call a taxi for me. the thing with that is that i have to leave an hour and a half early when i take the bus because it's slow, you have to change buses and you don't really know if you'll catch them all on time. but when i took the taxi, i got there in 10 minutes. so then i had a ton of time to kill. i decided to explore around my school at guei san. i found this little shop with all kinds of hilarious jammies in it and i bought a really funny colonial american looking set of jammies that have like long bloomers and a babydoll top trimmed with pink lace. i modeled it for keith, dena and beth tonight. they were impressed.

anyway then i taught one class and then i had an hour break so i went back out to the street and walked into a cell phone shop and bought a cell phone for $95. now i'm in business. i don't know what my number is yet, but i'll find out tomorrow. it's cheaper to text the US than it is to text here ..?.. but i'm not complaining. and when i turned it on, it asked "english or chinese?" and then it had me set the date, time, and now i'm up and running.

after school, i went to this restaurant called Feebies, which is owned by an american and his taiwanese wife. they have pizza and stuff. i had veggie pizza, it was pretty good. a girl who's been here a year, i forget her name now, is leaving so it was her going away party. it was fun but it was soooo hot inside. they didn't have the air conditioning on very high and it's really humid outside today so we were all just sweaty the whole time. the funniest part of the evening was that this guy, i think his name is jason? brandon? or josh?, bought a big box of those little popper things and all of the americans popped them and we sang america the beautiful. then the canadians sang o canada. then we all sang we are the world :P it was so funny. time for bed! happy fourth of july :)


Majjy said...

For purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains.........

The cul de sac dinner was only 87 degrees, down from the usual 100. The flies were absent this year too so the bubble screen food covers weren't required this 4th of July. New folks with small kids have moved into the neighborhood and those of us with grown children are becoming the elders. Time marches on.......

Margy said...

The one and only July 4th that found me out of the country, I was in Switzerland celebrating with lots of other Americans. It really was special to be out of our nation and feel the patriotism and love of America. Cheers Megan. Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying your posts.
Aunt Margy