Wednesday, July 23, 2008

we do it every day

i need to go to bed immediately so this will be the quick version.

went to carrefour, bought a whole ton of ready meals. curry stuff, pasta stuff, leek dumplings, popsicles, guava juice.

went to class. tuesday is still a good day. can't remember at least half the names in there which makes me feel bad.

i think i've formed a lasting bond with the corner lady who cooks me rice and pea pods, carrots and mystery vegetable that i think is japanese eggplant cut into long strips? but i have no idea. she kept saying 'no meat!' so i know it isn't meat, i just don't know what it is.

came home and went upstairs in my towel to take a shower and there were a whole ton of people in the living room who were going bowling so i ditched the shower and went bowling with kat, gill, the new guy Noe (in a minute), and jen. keith came and met us there after a game. we had fun. i love bowling in any country and i got 2nd place the 3rd game because keith was antagonizing me.

Noe got here this morning. he's from McAllen, TX. he went with me to carrfour "to buy clips" and i asked what for and he said to hang up his texas flag in his window. i told him i taped mine up :P oh, texans. i guess you can take us away from texas but we all have a bit of it in us.

time for bed! class at 1:30 tomorrow. keith's going to give me a ride so i can save 45 min that i would have spent on the bus. i think i'm ready for a scooter. we'll see.

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