Wednesday, July 2, 2008

one thing before we part

today was good except that my back has really been hurting. i think i tore a muscle or something because it's been continually burning with searing pain. i've been putting a frozen can of chicken stock on it when i'm at the dorm, but it still hurts a lot.
today i had one sub class and one regular class. both went pretty well. at the end of my regular class, the co-teacher told me she thinks i should use a microphone in class. she apparently uses it during her class time. i told her i'll try to teach the kids to just be quiet when i'm talking first and use the microphone as a last resort. that would be very awkward i think.
anyway that's about it. today was very routine. i made an odd version of stovetop chicken divan tonight because our oven only has one temperature: broil. or that's what i heard. anyway it was still tasty but not crispy like i like.
time to read and get in bed.

look at my horoscope:

This month you'll be happy when you think about all the impressive momentum you've built up over the past few months. A relationship or project will be moving along at a fast clip, and in July you'll find you can now bring things up a notch, to a more sophisticated level. Such progress has to be gratifying!

Mars will be in Virgo from July 1 to August 19, signaling that you're now beginning an important new two-year cycle. If you apply yourself during this critical phase you will have a high propensity for success. Mars will give you both courage and fervent drive, and also impart you with a commanding aura of authority. Plans and relationships that you formalize now will exceed your expectations, and what you accomplish will have staying power. You'll have the edge, for sure, so while you have it, use it, or as they say, lose it.

Saturn is currently in Virgo, adding heavy responsibilities to your shoulders. With Mars conjunct Saturn at the start of July, you may be quite mindful of the long-term importance of the decisions you are making. While it is always wise to be cautious and consider the next steps carefully, in early July you seem to be overly cautious. No need to second-guess yourself, dear Virgo.

You may fear that you made a big mistake by taking on so much, but soon you'll see all those moves were necessary. This feeling may be a lingering residue of having found yourself in a very tight financial spot recently, but realize that as a Virgo, you have an abundance of admirable resourcefulness, so you will work your way out of whatever seems to be troubling you. Saturn has asked much of you, but you've met those challenges squarely. A new and stronger version of you is rapidly emerging. Trust that you will be a force to be reckoned with, because you will be that, and more!

If you need to sign important papers or shake hands on a verbal deal, do so on July 14. The agreement you make will last, which hopefully is precisely what you want to hear!

Despite heavy-duty planetary aspects that have been at play, you'll have a lovely soft influence about to flow through your life this month, too. You'll have plenty of reasons to see friends once the new moon appears, July 2. June brought a heavy career emphasis, but July will provide lots of time to rest and rejuvenate. Travel may be part of the picture, too.

Are you in the mood for love? Get ready for the tender full moon, July 18. Small but meaningful private moments could thrill you. A certain glance, tender touch, slight smile, a stolen kiss, or whisper said at the end of an evening, each in their own way could send your sprits soaring. Enjoy this time to the fullest, dear Virgo.

If you are attached, July 22 reveals what a gem your partner is to you.

Another time to watch for outstanding romance would be over the weekend starting Friday night, July 25 through Sunday, July 27 when Mars and Jupiter will stir up delightful surprises. You may be bewildered by all the fuss others make over you, but this cosmic gift has your name written all over it. Enjoy it! Be out circulating!

Keep the following dates in mind:

Make new friends, socialize, and put work on a back burner: July 2-15

Join a new club: July 2-11

Romance will be out of this world: July 18 (+ or - 4 days), 26-27.

Mars will put you in a leadership position, so forge ahead: All month.

Sign a contract that will provide longevity: July 14.

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