Friday, July 25, 2008

demo day

before i start talking about my day; aunt nancy died today. she was 92. she was super sweet and we'll all miss her. my memories of her are eating popsicles on her porch and playing with the kittens that lived in her backyard. so keep gram in your thoughts.

today i had two demo's. the first one was pretty good. gene brought his guitar and i played the tambourine for the songs which was hilarious as you can probably imagine. we sang do re mi like professionals though. i was so happy for them. a lot of parents came. i'm not sure if they were impressed or not. lots of them had blank looks on their faces. probably because they don't speak english and we were all speaking english. anyway the kids did great.

my second one also went very well. i took a picture of them doing the 'peanuuuut' move in the peanut butter and jelly song. aren't they so cute! the younger kids' parents seemed a little more interested in what we were doing. probably because they haven't been to that many demo's yet. anyway afterwards, the parents all went into this room and i went up and they were sitting around tables like it was a UN meeting or something. they all had name cards with their kids names on them, and i was in the very front in the middle like the honored guest. so i went around the room and read the paragraph i had written about each of their kids and then elaine, my coteacher, translated for me. afterwards, they all talked in very fast chinese about who knows what.
this is me looking all teachery for demo day. i felt like a teacher on open house night. i guess it was kind of the equivalent. normally i wear jeans and tank tops or t shirts or shorts, and tonight the kids were like 'ooh teacher you're wearing earrings and shoes that aren't flip flops!'

anywayy on my way home, the bus stopped for a long time and i looked out and saw a FIRE coming from the building in front of us. our bus was in between the fire and the fire truck, it was silly. there was a layer of ashes covering the street and the scooters next to us. we were perfectly safe, but we did get waylaid a good half hour. i was mad at myself because my intuition told me to take a taxi home. i was wearing those high heels and my feet were tired from standing for 4 hours, but nooo i haddd to take the bus. next time i want to take a taxi, i'm taking a taxi.

ok im going to eat something and go to bed. i have to wake up at 8 tomorrow which is going to be impossible since ive been getting up at noon or one.

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A. Margy said...

Noon or one? Sounds like a college thing to me. You look beautiful, glad that you're enjoying the job.
Watch out for the typhoon heading your way. Just watching the weather channel half a world away and it's heading directly for Taiwan. Get out your rain gear.
Love you.
aunt Margy