Friday, July 25, 2008

11 or somethin'

today as i was getting on the second bus to da chu, i sit in my seat and begin to adjust the air conditioning when this woman in front of me says 'megan!' and it was julie huang, the grandma of a kid i teach on wednesdays. she's the one who gave me a ride home a few weeks ago. i got up and sat next to her and she talked to the bus driver and it turned out that the driver was planning on parking on some back road for like 20 minutes because he was about to switch off with someone else and he had to make up some time or something. so she offered me a ride to school. that isn't really true. she told me to get off the bus and come see her son's office and her "mansion" which really meant "apartment building".

anyway i saw klaus' office. he was happy to see me again it seemed. on the bus, julie called him and was like 'megan is sitting next to me. MEGAN. MEGAN. MEGAN. MAGGIE. MAGGIE. you're going to give her a ride to school.' aaand she introduced me to her security guard, and i met her husband who was wearing an undershirt, sitting in a wheelchair. she gave me a glass of what i think was prune juice and she insisted that i could leave once i had drunk all of it. anyway she is super nice. i like julie. while we were walking to her apartment, she said 'i don't have any daughters. you can be like my daughter' and i kind of smiled and laughed and she was like 'that's not crazy! you can be my daughter.'

school was good. i played a game dena told me about with some squeaky chew toys for dogs and even my impossible-to-please WOW class liked it. it's fun. you have 2 kids leave the room, give a toy to 2 kids, have everyone hide their hands under the desks, and then the kids come back in and i say "SQUEAK" and everyone pretends to squeak and then the kids who left the room have to guess who has a toy. if they guess right, the person who had it has to ask a QA, if they get it wrong, they have to ask a QA. it's fun.

josh and i went to get thai food after for everyone in the whole dorm. it took us about an hour but it was good. aaand now i'm going to go mingle.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you see Klaus tell him it's rten' brel - "auspicious coincidence" that you run into his mother on the bus.