Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this years love

i woke up to the sound of 2 soft knocks on my door but i didn't want to get up yet so i ignored them and then i heard paper being slipped under my door and it was a note that said 'WAKE UP! the new guy is here :)' from dena so i rolled out of bed and went upstairs. his name is steve, he's from near seattle. he seems nice. i don't think the first week anyone is here is a good time to form an opinion about them. he just got done teaching 2 years in china though so he isn't going through culture shock or anything.

tonight i had this guy on the bus who kept tapping my shoulder and speaking to me in chinese, even though i kept giving him the shoulder shrug, deer in the headlights 'i dont have a clue what you're saying' look. i thought he was being creepy at first, but he was just trying to help me. i finally told him i was going to da chu and he tapped me again when we were at the first of 2 da chu stops and i tried to tell him i was getting off at the second one. i guess it stands out because no one has ever touched me before here. they actually go out of their way not to make contact if possible. i went to the grocery store tonight and had about 10 instances of one person seeing me and then turning to point me out to their friend. sometimes it's flattering and sometimes it's annoying.

my tuesday class is so good. there are 21 of them which is a whole lot, but they're fun. we played a bunch of games today and they were being nice and it was fun. they get a kick out of it when i make them scoot over so i can share their chair with them as we read the new vocab individually. i can't remember 3/4 of their names, but we're bonding anyway. when i left tonight i felt like a rock star :P they were all coming up to me and saying goodbye and kids were screaming goodbye from scooters as they went down the street with their parents.

i bought cookie mix a week ago and i've been putting off making it but i promised that i'd make it when steve got here, so i made it tonight. they didn't taste like real cookies and our oven can only broil, but they were ok. next time i might try to make them from scratch although i doubt that they have chocolate chips here.

early(ish) class tomorrow, time for bed.

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Majjy said...

If your oven doesn't bake you might need to consider a whole new list of recipes. I can't think of one cookie or dessert for that matter, that likes to be broiled..........