Saturday, July 12, 2008

polka dots, checks and stripes

this is my new stamp :)

the titles of these blogs are completely random. it's usually song lyrics that are stuck in my head or that i'm listening to at the time. todays is from a song we did a ballet recital to when i was 8 though.

today was good. went to latini's this morning and had a panini and an 'espresso ice cream' which was a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a mug of espresso. it was so good. the panini was made on homemade bread and had tomato, mozzarella, basil and prosciutto and it was SO good. that's going to be a regular thing.

we're preparing for demo's in both of my friday classes. one class is made up of 21 kids and its just mayhem in there at all times. thankfully my co-teacher has it handled and it goes pretty smoothly. there are 2 adorable tiny boys in there. the picture is them playing this game that involves drawing circles with the dry erase markers on the floor. every time they lose 'paper scissor stone' which is rock paper scissor, their circle gets smaller and they have to ask a Q/A. when their circles got too tiny today, one group had the ingenious idea to go piggyback.

my other class is a beginners class but they range from first to fourth grade age. they're super sweet though. today they sang the peanut butter and jelly song and the motions they did were HILARIOUS. 'peanuuut' involves them cranking their arms around in a big circle and 'jelly!' is like jazz hands but they take a step out with one foot and put their arms out like they just finished a big stage show or something. it is sooo funny and cute.

tonight i made a lackluster version of this curry stuff i make at home. i forgot to buy chicken broth and it lacked some serious salt. it's coconut milk, potatoes, peanut butter, an onion, curry powder and beef. it's pretty tasty but it does need a can of chicken broth.
then dena and i played 4 rounds of speed but she couldnt beat me so she went to bed :P so i played keith and we must have played at least 20 games. i think he beat me a few more times, but we stopped keeping track. he kept getting all giggly though. it was pretty funny.

i wasn't working tomorrow but sandy called me at like 11 to ask if i would sub 2 classes, so i'm going to pick them up. keith has class at the same school at the same time so i dont even have to take the bus!

andd we're supposed to get a new person pretty soon. they put a set of bedding in a room and some guys came and fixed something in the room today. i've already thought of what i'm going to say to them. it goes.. 'we've been waiting to meet you all week and we're so excited you're here. all of the people who live in the dorm are really cool. i'll show you all of the places i know that have good food and someone will show you how to get to all of your schools and it's going to be awesome.' that's what i wish someone had told me when i got here.
time for bed!

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