Tuesday, July 15, 2008

but still, like the dust, i'll rise

today was very plain.
woke up late, hung around the dorm, read a bit. i got one of those tofu pancake things again today for lunch. i tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out and i was too embarrassed to keep trying. people were looking at me as i was taking the pictures and i felt like a super-tourist.

my classes on monday are really good. the first one is a bunch of like 8-10 year olds who have been taking class together for the last 4 years so they're really comfortable with each other. we're reviewing for a test next week. today they were different than they have been toward me. mainly, they're saying my name a lot more and getting into my personal space which i think is good.

my little kid class in the evening is cute as can be. today we played duck duck goose again because they were screaming for it, and it was hilarious. their new QA today was 'who are your english teachers?' and when we were answering, they said 'pretty carol and pretty megan are my english teachers' which carol had apparently taught them on her day ahead of time. they were beaming at me like 'we surprised you and we're being super sweet' and it was really cute. they had to draw us and it was pretty funny. i think that's my favorite class.

aunt carol was asking me earlier and i didn't realize i hadn't explained the process of classes yet. basically, kids enroll in the school and are given an assessment test to see what their level is. once they get enough kids on the same level, they start them in the appropriate class. i guess there are a couple of options but i'm confused about what they are. they have different names but they don't mean much to me because i don't have any of the very beginner classes.

other than that, i don't have any news except that dena taught her class the phrase 'super fantastic' which i apparently say often. i have a stamp that says 'excellent!' and i was trying to explain what it meant to the class and all i could think of was 'super good or super fantastic'.
i can't stop hiccuping. it's been 5 minutes.

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