Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sesame street elementary

today in my travels around town, i wrote down some of the funny store names:
amiable stylish outlook
the gorgeous hunks
family mart
cash city
muggle restaurant (if you haven't read harry potter by now, please stop reading my blog.)
winner pharmacy

i don't really have anything to report today. this morning we had a workshop with brandon about lesson planning. apparently we're going to have a workshop about how to deal with our co-teachers, i'm looking forward to that one. then jerry and i went to lunch at this place called 83 degrees that's open 24 hours. i ordered a caramel macchiato (sp?), jerry didn't know what he ordered, and he totally stole mine because it was 100x tastier and claimed not to know which one he ordered. liar! and i had delicious cold noodles with peanut sauce from 7-11 for lunch. it's their specialty i'd say. i've also been buying the 7-11 brand tea. they have really good jasmine tea and pretty good lemon tea. the 'coffee green tea' was a disaster and their regular green tea tastes like burnt grass clippings.
tonight i had 2 classes. 1 sub and 1 of my own. there are 21 kids in my class and it's all i can do to just get through the material i need to cover. thank GOODNESS for my hello kitty stamp. it saves about 3 minutes that i used to spend signing my name by hand. anyway you have to read the new QA (today it was.. 'which is your favorite season? why?'), write down all of their answers (my favorite season is spring because i like flowers/ summer because i like to swim/ fall because i like 10/10 day, winter because i can build a snowman), and then translate everything to chinese and to the KK (phonetic spelling). THEN they each have to tell you their answer. you do the same thing when you cover a new lesson of any kind except that with the lessons, they have to read the new words to you individually and you mark in their book that they did it. listening to 21 kids takes like 7 minutes and we do that for like 3 activities.
tonight i ate the pasta salad i made this afternoon. josh bought me feta cheese at Carrefour. Keith attempted to buy me some but he spent like 20 minutes trying to find it and then realized he lost his scooter key again so he just got out of there as fast as he could. anyway it was delicious. the best thing i've eaten in the last 3 weeks. pasta, red & yellow bell peppers, green olives, feta and tomatoes with oil & vinegar dressing and some salad supreme. natalie thinks 'salad supreme' is the funniest thing she's ever heard of. i think it's delicious. thank you, majjy.

tomorrow is going to be a long day so i'm going to read and go to sleep. thank you for the comments and emails, aunt pam.


Majjy said...

Salad Supreme???? An epicurious delight?

The only place I ever had it was on your Great Grandmother BVZ's green salad. Summer hadn't truly begun until my grandmother made her tossed garden salad, sprinkled liberally with garlic powder, then topped with an equal amount of McCormick's "Salad Supreme." The dry spices sometimes sat on top of the mound in the bowl all afternoon- waiting for dinnertime. When it was ready to be served out came the glass cruet of Good Seasons Italian salad dressing, which had markings for how much oil, vinegar and water to add- so you felt like it was homemade. Bertie V. was a sucker for any packaged food she saw advertised on TV and that's how I was exposed to Kraft "Cheese Balls" in a can, Pringles in a tube and a host of other semi inorganic compounds being passed off as food during the 60's. Oh how I truly miss my grandmother.....

Pam said...

I wondered what salad supreme was-thanks for the memories liz! you forgot to add that if she saw you grabbing out of the salad bowl, before dinner she'd wack you with whatever she had available. i'm going to buy some salad supreme! AP