Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i do not drawl

gram's box got here today! look how much chicken noodle soup i have now:

it's funny how you become a mini-ambassador for whatever you represent since you're the only one of whatever a lot of people have met. like america. i've talked to a lot of taiwanese kids and people who have never met an american other than me. and texas. sometimes i say things with a weird accent that isn't texan, it's just megan, and everyone thinks it's texas and it's not.

today was pretty funny. this morning keith took me to school on his scooter because he was going to go to the gym so it was semi-convenient. anyway, we got off the scooter and went to 7-11 to get drinks and then i hugged him when we said goodbye and i said thank you and when i walked inside the school, a million little girls in my classes who had been watching us from inside the windows were like 'TEACHER WHO IS THATTTT? IS THAT YOUR BOYFRIENDD?' and the girls at the front office were telling them what to say and it was just so funny. they were SO loud when i walked through the doors that keith heard them from 15 feet away and turned around to see what the commotion was about. it was hilarious.

oh man speaking of hilarious. so i was teaching this book called 'side by side' and the page we were on was about questions you ask to check for understanding like 'the hotel by the park?' and i read them and then they read after me and they were making fun of my inflection and making the last word go up really high in pitch and i just started laughing and couldn't stop. it was like we finally hit this point where they felt comfortable enough to make fun of me and i was just so happy and thought it was so cute that i got the giggles and i couldn't stop. my coteacher had to teach for the next few minutes while i tried to stop laughing.

other than that, we went to tapenyaki for wednesday night dinner. i had crab and it comes with like.. sauteed cabbage and bean sprouts and rice. it was good. i was hungry. the new people didn't eat very much, i think due to lack of chopstick skills and general uncomfort. it reminded me of myself. we went there my first week here and i barely ate any of my food because i just felt so weird and i hadn't gotten used to taiwanese food yet. that's been the main thing with the new people being here. i feel like i've come suuuch a long way just with knowing how things work and liking it here in general.

hope you read some of the sweet potato times. at least read the section on teaching. it's so accurate.

oh! and serena bought me these tacky taiwanese leggings. i wore them today and my classes were impressed with how tacky-taiwan-fabulous i was. i love them. people were giving me the funniest looks. the picture is of one of my legs from the side. it's kind of a weird angle i guess? anyway they have rhinestone bows AND lace AND a drawstring thing AND a polka dotted bow. i wore them today with a short babydoll dress and then the leggings. it was so taiwan.

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Fajjy said...

Maybe you should auction off soup when folks needs a taste of the US.

Here's a link to a story in the Austin paper today that I thought you'd enjoy.

Matt survived his first day of work. Whoo Hoo!


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