Friday, August 1, 2008

to finish my duet

i want to read a chapter each in the 4 books i've started but not finished, so this will be quick.

went to a workshop about how to deal with your coteacher. basically, there's a cultural difference where they're indirect and we're direct and it causes all of the problems we have. met some teachers who are living in the dorm in south taoyuan, they seemed really nice. too bad i won't see them until the chinese new year banquet when we all get together. jerry ate a piece of candy that smelled, and apparently tasted, like shrimp.

afterwards, jerry and i went to latini's. i had delicious bread topped with eggplant, cheese, tomatoes, capers (there's no caper shortage in taiwan, fajjy), and sardines. i pulled the sardines off. i don't like how intensely fishy they taste. but the rest of it was really tasty.

tonight my bad coteachers wasn't there, i had a sub, and the class still spoke mostly chinese even though the sub discouraged it. they also use every bad word they can think of. who knows. highschoolers. what can you do really? anyway we had a fun class in spite of their issues.

came home, went to corner guy to get some noodle soup with keith. the noodles felt like they were made out of like oddly textured plastic. you know those bouncy balls that aren't shiny? they're kind of rough? anyway it felt like that in my mouth. it was odd. not ordering those again.
i had toast with some of Noe's homemade peach jam from texas on it and i almost diedddd it was soooo goood. it kind of sent me into a food-induced freak out for a bit. i started thinking about how yummy auntie anne's pretzels are at home and i just got all hyper and weird for like 5 minutes.

the only other exciting news i have is that i stole a little metal shelf out of the common area (it had nothing on it except dust) and now i don't have a stack of books and lesson plans.

HEYY i forgot that i can take video on my camera and apparently i can upload it to blogger. i'll try. the video is of my room from where i'm sitting in bed. note the new shelf. i let my hair air dry and i look kind of crazy. tomorrow i'll get some video of the dorm. i'll give you a tour. oooh think of the video possibilities! if you're able to watch it, can someone email me or comment so i know it works? thanks.


Anonymous said...

How far can south Taoyuan be from you? Invite the other teachers over for a party in the North.

Aunt Carol said...

Hi Meg, It definitely works and you also could do audio ... Thanks for the tour. AC