Friday, July 24, 2009

but the vibe is wrong

i feel like i haven't stopped moving since i got back from thailand, things have been so busy. i'm filling out this application in all of my free time and then doing lesson plans, going to lunch, getting tea, doing stuff with the paris mansion girls, etc.
this was lunch from the monarch hotel. they set up this little stand out in front of the hotel and you can buy a 'lunch box' for 80NT. today i got the last one they had and it's spareribs with tofu cubes and some fried cabbage. seaweed miso soup to go with it. i had such a headache from drinking so much wine last night that i just kept eating the seaweed soup even though it's not my fav. i know seafood is packed full of all kinds of nutrients.

tonight tess and katie and i went shopping for our taiwanese fab party outfits. i am dyyyying to show you my dress, but i'll wait til saturday. i am sooo excited!! hint: sequins, chiffon, tulle, AND organza

booked my ticket home! i'm flying the 20th of august, with a long layover in hawaii, to be in austin the morning of the 21st! yay


Its_Lily said...

I wonder if Texan in Taiwan would object to me cyberstalking her as I did/do you? Hope not because I'm gonna have to find someone who will talk about life there when you leave. It won't be quite the same because she didn't know Alex before she got there. Heck, she might not know him now.

I'm really happy for you though. What an opportunity!

megan said...

she's met him but i'm not sure how much of him she'll see since they aren't really friends. she wouldn't mind though i'm sure :)