Wednesday, July 29, 2009

start at the very beginning

my head is swimming after my chinese lesson tonight. linda grilled me on DC (which i didn't know any of the vocab for.. which makes it hard to follow along/answer questions) and i was proud that she was proud. she's such a serious, no-nonsense teacher that it's the kind of thing where you study extra hard just so they'll think highly of you.
this was our "look sexy" pose, which i'm not very good at. natalie's got it down (far left). these are jimmie's pictures from wine and cheese girly night at RPM last week.

here's tonight's chinese lesson.. past tense.
i watched tv yesterday. zuo tian wo kan dian shi.
i watched tv. wo kan dian shi le.
i've watched 4 hours of tv (and i'm still watching it). wo yi jing kan le si ge xiao shi dian shi le.
i watched a movie. i watched it for 2 hours. wo kan dian ying. kan le liang ge xiao shi.
i watched a movie for 2 hours. wo kan le liang ge xiao shi de dian ying.

woo! i think all of those are right. i'm not going to cheat and go get my book, so here's hoping i understand.
we watched a movie in class tonight! it's fun to get paid for watching movies. every time you change books, you get to watch a movie in english. this week i have twoooo movie classes.
cross your fingers that i find the perfect apartment in DC. it's pretty rough going from paying $40/month to live in taiwan to paying $600 or more to live in DC. it will be worth it though. ballet! yoga! bai gong! culturally varied food that isn't taiwanese food masquerading as another kind of food!!

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