Friday, July 24, 2009

had to run from you

i've got nothin today, so i'm leaving you with the most awesome wedding-aisle walk in the woooorld.

and this conversation:
[ryan is reciting his spelling words to me, and as he's handing me the list, i rip it in half by accident. the whole class stops what they're doing and looks at me as ryan and i are looking at each other with our mouths open and hands on our face, home alone style, screaming.]
ryan: MEGAN!
class: what happened?!
[megan pretends to cry].
paul: megan, no cry! no cry!

..and this conversation
megan to tsong you bing lady: one day, can you teach me how to make these? i'm going home in 3 weeks and we don't have them in america
TYBL: sorry, i can't
megan: i can make the dough, i just want to learn how to do the fluff thing
TYBL: no, i really can't. you know how you go to the tea shop, and they can't teach you how to make their tea? i also can't teach you how to make tsong you bing because it's not my own recipe, it's the companys.
megan: oooh ok. ..but can't you teach me how to fluff them?
TYBL: no. are you an english teacher down the street?
megan: yep. but i'm going home soon
TYBL: many foreigners only stay one year. i didn't know you could speak so much chinese that was kind of embarrassing but i'm glad that we had a chance to chat at all. i'm not sure why that woman and i haven't bonded before. i've gone there twice a week for a year now. she's always really hot from standing above the grill thing and listening to her ipod, so i just let her be.

i wore my pretty new bright aqua jersey dress today and i felt like a million dollars. i don't know why the taiwanese are so averse to color in general. the most popular colors are dishwater gray, black and purple.


Jeff said...
check this out dummy.

megan said...

pretty cool josephine. did you see it?

Jeff said...

noooo, i dont live in taiwan dummy

megan said...

ooh yeah i forgot it was night time for you guys

Anonymous said...

are you looking for the green onion pancake? can't you just video how they do it at the night markets?

megan said...

i cannnn, i just thought it would be fun for the woman who makes them for me every week to teach me. when i asked her, i thought she'd be excited that i wanted to learn. but i guess not :P i can figure it out though.

martha said...

you should fly to albany when you come home so you can see cousin kris and most of your cousins on your moms side !!