Monday, July 13, 2009

techno has no words

i'm posting pictures of allen and alex's day at the children's museum with bobo and katie and at a baseball game. allen has been begging me to go to a game with him, but it is sooo hot outside, so i tried to steer him toward someone who actually wanted to go. and allen loves alex. he's always asking me about him and every time we see a temple we say "alex would love this" because alex is the temple king. so i'm glad they did that together.well this scuba certification thing is kind of trial by fire. we did some of the same stuff as yesterday, but this time you're 30 feet down. it was all pretty nice and wonderful except one minute of panic where i thought i was skyrocketing toward the surface and my BCD wouldn't deflate.. but it turns out that i was really upside down, swimming toward the sand and turning around in circles. i have no idea how that happened. i really thought i was going up and up and up.

today was fun though because we got to see some real fish and remember why we were going through the whole tedious learning process at all. there were cute little fish in these holes in the sand in the bottom that would pop out and pop back in when they saw you. while we were doing some technical stuff, this orange and gray stripey fish was just swimming all around my knees and checkin' me out.
apparently it was a choppy day, so everything else should seem easy. i'm hoping we have some sun in the next couple of days so i can have a thailand tan when i get back to taiwan. the last couple of days have been a little gray and rainy.
tonight we went to dinner with dawn and leila at the beeeest indian place. we stuffed ourselves with platters of food and chai tea. ymmm. then we went to watch a ladyboy show down the street. it was hilaaaarious. some of them really look like women, but this one guy was built like a football player and he wasn't super convincing (see below). they were lip synching to tina turner, whitney houston, etc. songs but they didn't know the right words so it was like weird kung fu movie with not quite right lips. pretty entertaining though. the costumes were all sequined or tasseled with giant, piled-up wigs and the highest high heels with eyelashes a foot long. one of them had more cleavage than me which i find perplexing. plastic? lots of tape? special bra?
we have to get up to leave at 7 for our final 2 dives before we're open water certified, so i'm headed in early.

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