Wednesday, July 15, 2009

red roses, too

ahhhh i wrote a whole post, saved it, and it disappeared. round 2..
i spent seven hourssss on the beach yesterday reading, napping, tanning, listening to music/the ocean. i think this beachy lifestyle is really starting to appeal to me. derek, leila, steve and emil all came here once their contracts were up and they're here for several months teaching or getting scuba certifications of various types. jealous. i don't really want to be a career diver or i'd follow suit.

while we've been here, we've met steve's friends ashley and jeff, who he knows from home. yesterday was ashley's birthday so we went to dinner at the italian place, farrango's, which i love. their pizza is better than all of the "pizza" in taiwan and rivals my favorite pizza at home. and they have peach iced tea. ymmm. ashley is super sweet.
after that we spent a little while on pillows on a deck overlooking the beach, sipping cocktails. steve tried my pina colada and said he thought it was disgusting. unbelievable.

today is another low key, beachy day. dawn and i are going to lunch in a few minutes. i'm thinking about a pedicure.
i'll hear about the internship in the next couple of days, so it's time to cross our fingers again.


Majjy said...

Today I bought a beautiful orchid and thought of is small, delicate multiflowered and pink. I'm sure you would choose it yourself if we were shopping together.

I'll bequeath it to you upon your return..........providing I can keep it in leaf.

megan said...

orchids are hard for me to keep alive. of all people though, you should be able to do it.

thinking of you on the beach, majjy! i think it would be such a fun place to hang with the fam. maybe for christmas? :)