Thursday, July 2, 2009

o canada

jaime and joyce are the cutest kids in the world. this is a picture joyce ordered the other day. she has a flashcard book and she picked out a picture and i drew it. including principal howe. i think it's hilarious how you can't tell the difference between the ones she drew and the ones i drew.
they're extra lucky because my grandma sent them stickers andd wrote them letters because jaime and i drew a picture and mailed it to her. bobo said they're going to be sooo excited tomorrow morning when they see them and she couldn't believe my grandma would do that just because she liked jaime's picture so much.
it was a team effort from the sewing group. i think norma found the webkinz ones. norma, deedee, fran, joyce and gram meet once a week for 'sewing group' where they all bring a bag of sewing or knitting which they leave at their feet as they all chat, drink tea and eat cake.
i forgot to tell you about frank and the big test yesterday. frank has a giiiant smile and big, flashy eyes and he's cute as can be, but he never ever pays attention in class. the rest of the class will be reading and he's looking up at me or looking around or causing mayhem. he never ever knows the answer to anything.

but yesterday we had a big test and he was awesome. he could recite the lesson, ask me questions, read another book and everything like a pro. i gave him 48/50. i was so proud of him. we always announce who got 100 and i announced frank's 96 and the class was in awe. good for him.
today was low-key. we sat by the pool at jon and chris' apartment for an hour or so to celebrate canada day. i went to tea with keith, who wiped his sweat all over me. gross. tonight i had fun in my jerk-kids class in spite of their unwillingness to smile. linda complimented me on my improvement with chinese over the last 6 months which made me feel good.
there were even some stickers for me! and a cool plastic sticker map of america with all of the states that you can stick to the window and peel off. thanks guys!

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Majjy said...

It's so refreshing that you both like and enjoy little kids. So many folks don't and often those that do don't discover their love for children until they've had their own and begin to appreciate small people. Your dad has always been kind to children and it was one of the things that attracted me to him. I, on the other hand, had to have children before I understood that special draw that makes children so special.We all get there in our own way.