Sunday, July 5, 2009

parade of homes

i could tell you about my day, but it's more exciting to just show you a million pictures of our new apartmenttt! let's go on a tour.
welcome to the Romantic Paris Mansion.. (the name of our apartment complex. seriously.)
you'll know you're in paris because the louvre is right inside the courtyard. ours is better than the original, in my opinion, because it's surrounded by a moat.
we're on the 15th floor but we're apartment number 21F which i'm not sure i understand. you'll notice the door has been outfitted with the necessary lucky paper. if anyone who actually knows what that says feels like pointing it out, that would be lovely.
inside is super '80s fantastic. we're going to replace the window treatments.
this is the view from katie's room. the dorm is where you can see all of those green lights in the bottom righthand corner. when we were there this afternoon, we could see josh on the balcony so we just started screaming his name. he heard us, but he couldn't see us.

this is the view when you're looking out from the kitchen. there's a little dining room.
the dining room chairs might be my favorite part of the whole thing.
the kitchen is pretty bare bones. it's like we're camping. there's a fridge (there was originally a mini fridge but we said that wasn't going to fly..) and a stovetop. i don't cook a thing now though so i don't see that being a problem.
i just went over with jimmie and i introduced myself to the security guards at the front desk.
me: i live here now. my name is Megan.
them: 15F?
me: yep.
them: you need a thingy to get on the elevator. write down your name on this post-it.

they seemed less than enthused, but i'm hoping we'll all be best friends by the end of the month. i need to find out what kind of tea they like.
the end!

p.s. glad you're caught up, cherry hill, NJ. that was amazing.


Anonymous said...

love it! if you stay until march i might just come visit...

Anonymous said...

the apartment looks awesome i hope you get to enjoy it !!!!! nice view from the window and i hope the guards / doorman or whatever start to like you !!!

Majjy said...

Love the Louvre!!!

megan said...

yay thanks :)

davidc said...

fancy place! :)

Anonymous said...

wood floors. nice. i'm so not into the tile floors that seems to be common in taiwan.

megan said...

yep the wood floors are definitely nice. filthy, but nice. we need to do some serious moppin'.

calvin said...

The lucky paper combines 4 characters into 1, which are 招財進寶. The down right is 招(attract), left next to it is 財(fortune), down left is 進(take), and the middle part is 寶(treasure). It means something like "Fortune and treasure come".

I think everyone would loves this lucky paper.

megan said...

thank you calvin and welcome back :) i wondered if you had ditched me.