Thursday, July 16, 2009

peach tea

a couple of random things.
- a dog walked off with my leather flip flop :( at least that's our best guess as to what happened to it. they weren't super easy to walk in anyway, so i hope whichever dog nabbed it is enjoying it.
- dawn and i are thinking about going to hong kong for our birthdays in september. one of the girls who's joined our group, jane, is living there and she has a pull-out couch that we're welcome/planning to use
- they have peach liptons iced tea here in cans at 7-11 and it is so yummy. it tastes like those peach candies that come in the white box. the jelly ones. and 7-11 has "toasties" which are white bread sandwiches, put into a sandwich maker and sealed shut and grilled on both sides. ham and cheese toasties are my fav.
time for bed. we had to swim 200 or so meters to the boat after chris slightly miscalculated where the boat was and my legs are talking to me. the silver sands resident dog just curled up under my legs. one more day in koh tao! ..maybe my classes won't notice if i just stay.


Anonymous said...

I'm bookmarking alllll your thailand links because I really want to go.

megan said...

i don't feel like i need to say this at this point, but it is sooooooooooooo awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved those UT flip flops!!!!

Jimmie said...

Just tell them to give me your two little Gloria English classes. I had them this Wednesday. They were SO much fun and I think I got along pretty well with the co-teachers. What more can you ask for?