Tuesday, July 28, 2009

elmer the patchwork elephant

from the same boy who brought us the cutest valentine in the history of mankind, i present: the elmer the patchwork elephant pencil case. jerry and i stopped going to chinese together a couple of months ago, so now we hardly ever see each other. but a month or two ago, i commented on how i loooved his pencil case.the english isn't weird, the drawings aren't crazy or particularly asian, but this pencil box is just screaming 'jerry'. it's endearing, it's random, it's baby pink on the bottom. so how thrilled was i when he showed up with one for me on saturday night? i know i'm not going to fill it with pencils, since that's what my purse is for, but i'm not sure what to put in such a shallow space. ideas?well today was the last day of big important errands with deadlines. now all i need to do is mail some packages, find housing in DC and start banking money to last me through december. i think that includes limiting myself to expensive indian food once a week, and restricting the tea consumption to one cup a day.three days until the o'sullivans hit taiwan! they're a couple from the US who are relocating to one of the cities in the middle of taiwan and i've been following their blog. they seem super sweet and i hope i get to meet them before i go home. i'm so excited for them!

p.s. this is so funny and asian. heck if i haven't seen it at carrefour :P

p.p.s. this is the song (sorry sorry by superjunior) that my new kid, ethan, spontaneously gets up and sings/dances in class. it is hilarious. his hair is like a shaggy bowl cut and he has moves like a little break dancer.


Majjy said...

I LOVE that pencil case. I'd use it for pens as my purse is always leaking ink on something from loose pennage. new slang

Are they hard to find? I'd love one if they are readily available...HPO

Its_Lily said...

I told Alex he has to send one home as well. He refused to send a 'pencil case' until he looked at it and I explained that it could hold any number of treasures.

megan said...

i asked jerry, but he's pretty sneaky. we'll see. there are a million cute pencil cases here though. i'll look around