Tuesday, July 28, 2009

such a long road we've been walking on

these are some pictures from the very end of the night. dane came over after everyone had left.
it's funny how time flies by so much faster when your schedule is full. it would be nice to be able to push pause. i've been doing a million things every day; getting ready to leave taiwan, tying up loose ends and filling out forms, and i haven't even really begun to look for housing yet. i did buy my plane ticket! sept 5, DC here i come!
a bunch of things that used to be annoying just seem like funny quirks of taiwan lately. the ladies pushing dollies full of trash and recycling across the street in the middle of traffic, wearing their flowered arm covers and big sun hats. getting lost in tiny little alleys. getting stuck behind the trash truck as everyone comes out with their bags in hand. going to tea stands and seeing all of the workers run to the back of the shop and force the one sort-of-english-speaker to the front.
bobo called me from the book store today to ask if i wanted her to buy a chinese children's book about obama for me. she read it to katie and i today at lunch and the story is sooo cool. i'm supposed to get it signed. we'll see about that.
time for bed, i'm behind schedule.
..let's look at the dress one more time before the window of time has closed that it's acceptable to keep bringing it up.
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martha said...

i hope you had fun at your party ,you looked very very pretty in your dress. Thats to bad that you cant stay in taiwan longer ,but its good that you get to go to the White House !!

megan said...

thanks martha. if you want to wear it to your prom, let me know. ;)

Its_Lily said...

I need to hang out in train stations more. The coolest things seem to happen there.