Wednesday, July 8, 2009

stars shinin' right above you

hands down, the worst part of this job is the inevitable goodbyes. you have to say goodbye to your friends, your kids, the taiwanese people you make friends with. steve is leaving next week but tonight is the last time i'll see him since i'm headed to thailand. he's the kind of guy you marry. dependable, super nice, easygoing, wants a lot of kids, fantastic bowler, blushes like a girl. if we had the sparkle, i would snatch him.

joycie and i said goodbye today too, but not forever. she and jaime are going to their grandma's house for 3 weeks. she's like a whole different kid than i remember. she must be a few inches taller. she can say things i didn't even know she knew how to say before. we spent the afternoon playing with her webkin and some korean kids game website that we can't read.

we're getting somewhere with the automatic please and thank you.
joyce: megan, you do this one
me: i'm sorry, i think you forgot a word
joyce: you do this one, please
..5 minutes later..
joyce: you finish this puzzle
joyce: you finish this puzzle please
..15 minutes later..
megan: joyce can you hand me that marker?
joyce: please?
megan: pleaseee can i have that marker? thank you

i went to tuesday night bowling tonight since i knew it was the last time i'd get to hang out with steve and it was a lot of fun. i did hoooorribly, but it was ok. the bowling guys (and julia) are all really awesome. now it's 2am though. time for bed. cross your fingers that sleeping on wet hair will result in beautiful waves and not crazy morning hair.

p.s. jimmie is way more ballsy than me and she took pictures of the market where we've been buying fruits and veggies. tell me you would be able to walk past all of that hanging meat to get to the fruit in the back!


Anonymous said...

20 years ago, you could go to the Chinatown in Los Angeles, pick your own chicken and they'd slaughter it inside (kitchen?) and put it in a bag for you to take home. Health codes have made that impossible now.

Come to think of it, I rarely if ever see Cantonese restaurants with the roast pig and ducks hanging in the window at the front of the restaurant anymore. Not sure why......

To me, being able to pick your own meat ensure how fresh it is; you can decide for yourself.

megan said...

i'm happy that the people who have the stomach to look at meat hanging all over the place like that are happy to buy it. i'm happy they can buy it too. it just creeps me out to see hooves next to meat. maybe i'm just a city girl.