Saturday, July 25, 2009

double your fun

tonight is romantic paris mansion's housewarming party and i think everyone's starting to get into the tacky taiwan theme. everyone wants to keep their outfit a surprise. i'm exciteddd. pictures tomorrow. i can't waitttt to show you my dress.

i went to the kuo's after class today and mr. kuo's entire family showed up! his mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother in law, 1 nephew. mrs. chan told them all about how i go there all the time and my life history. she's my taiwanese mom. they were speaking taiwanese the whole time, but i picked up a little bit of the chinese that was thrown in. the brother in law said my chinese isn't too bad but i'm too quiet. mr. kuo insisted that i drink some taiwanese red wine and i've had a headache ever since. mr. wang and mr. chen were there too.. and they were behaving themselves. no bai jiu and not very much smoking today.

it was fun to meet his family but i'm glad that mr. kuo's the one who i got to know. the sisters seem nice, but he's just so much more outgoing and friendly and smiling. i got an invite to go swimming with the younger sister tomorrow though (by younger, we're talkin' like, 54). she kept filling up my bowl with random food that i just scarfed without thinking about it too hard. it's growing on me now that i'm getting ready to leave.

time to tackle these false eyelashes.


Anonymous said...

i just got back from taipei for a week. growing up in los angeles, i am completely not suited to the oppressive humidity; i've never gone back during the summer. it's been 3 years since i've been there. even though i speak the language well enough, can read most words on the street and grew up knowing the culture from my parents, i still felt like a fish out of water.

i have much more respect for what you've done this past year.

megan said...

thank you so much :) i'm envious of people who have more of a real connection to taiwan, but after living here for a year, i'm starting to feel some claim to it as well.
i hope you drank your weight in milk tea and mango slushies!