Thursday, July 16, 2009

tropical island band

i'm drinking out of a coconut while looking at the ocean. i think i've hit vacation nirvana. i've been dreaming about crispy duck on thin pancakes with plum sauce and we had some last night. then dawn and i had a candle-lit evening glass of wine on the beach, sitting in puffy bean bag chairs and looking at the ocean. it was heavenly.

this morning everyone but leila went diving and it was a bunch of fun. another early morning. keith, dawn, steve, jane and i were all in the same group when we went diving so it was nice. we saw a bazillion fish.. i bet if i look, i can find pictures.. first we were at red rock. it was a little tiny island and the bottom was all rocks covered in giiiiant coral.
next we went to japanese gardens. it was mostly one kind of coral and pretty flat, but there was a diving boat that sunk a few weeks ago that we got to swim around. it was covered in a thin layer of seaweedy stuff.

this website isn't affiliated with us at all, but that's what it looks like. it's on this island somewhere. i guess i'll be posting my own pictures soon enough.

i had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for lunch that was super lovely. now it's time to check out on the beach for a few hours before massages. buy a ticket!


missris said...

You know what I get to do all day? Sit in a freezing cold library with no internet access. I am so jealous!

Its_Lily said...

You are having a delightful break. I'm so happy for you and a teeny bit envious.

megan said...

yay vacation!

Majjy said...

Those of us who are "parent age" or older know first hand that many of our waking hours between 25 and 50 yrs. old have been filled with responsibility and obligations, not remotely carefree.

Looking back on our youth, it was a time of freedom that we both under valued and under appreciated while living it. To share your Asian adventure and live it vicariously through your 23 year old eyes is a blast for us. And as Lily accurately suggested we are all a tiny bit envious.

As we would be.....