Thursday, July 23, 2009

love the way you move

i spent aaaaalllll of yesterday filling out this monstrous form for the internship. crazy. i'm still only halfway done.

well yesterday we threw a last minute girly wine and cheese party at romantic paris mansion. girls only. katie and tess had filled the apartment with tea lights and flowers and it was so pretty and clean and girly in there. 9 of us just ended up sitting around the dining room table, sharing 5 chairs, and eating our weight in cheese, crackers, chocolate and fruit. 9 bottles of wine.

i forgot how much fun it is to hang out with your girlfriends. it was interesting to hear that some of those girls never really had a group of girlfriends at home. so i think we're going to do that more often. it's probably a nice break for the boys, too.

at the end of the night, we pulled the twin bed mattress into tess' room and crammed it in the teeny space between her bed and the wall so 3 of us had a sleepover in her room. i'll post some of the pictures once jimmie and tess upload them.

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missris said...

Hey I need more info about this internship. What's is called again? What are the specifics? That said, I'm very excited for you!