Thursday, July 9, 2009

cabbages and kings

keith's keyboard is missing the L key, so if you notice any insane typos, it's not me.

let's do bullet points. i'm tired.
- we had a self described "happy taxi driver" on the way to the airport. he was adorable. keith talked to him before they picked me up and by the time they got there, the guy was calling me 'beautiful teacher' and asking if i wanted to sing songs in chinese. that guy was so funny. he taught me mimihuhu which means 'i don't know, you don't know' because we were all guessing between terminals 1 and 2. it was 2.
- then we're in line waiting to get on the plane and this guy asks us what numbers they just called. we say we have no idea, but i asked him what instrument he was carrying. turns out he's a taiwanese guy who has a serious passion for death metal AND went to school at UT (same as me). i think he might have been partially autistic.
- the flight was OK except we had a dude who didn't request a veggie meal but who was very upset that they didn't have an extra for him. keith almost elbowed him about a million times.

-right when we got out of the taxi in thailand, we ran into a junkie of a man who pointed us toward koh san road, all bug-eyed and making long pauses.. we didn't stay where he suggested.
-it is bizarre to be in a place with so many foreigners from so many places. i've gotten so used to only seeing asian-looking people that it's a real shock that the demographic on this road is 60% blonde girls, 35% frat guys and 5% hippies. tonight we had a drink with two dutch people who had a long layover on the way to bali.
time for bed! it smells so much like cabbage in our $30 a night (which i guess counts as a 'luxury hotel') hotel room. but it's beautiful. pictures in a week and a half.


Majjy said...

We were happy to know that you had arrived in Thailand and were settling in. Thanks for posting the first day.

Anonymous said...

i'm beginning to have withdrawal symptons.

hope you're having fun!