Monday, February 23, 2009

beautiful things spring from these rows

random pictures for an otherwise pictureless day.
brother jeff and i rockin' out on his guitars. we called everyone we could think of so they could listen to me play the beginning of smoke on the water. it must have been more than 20 people.

when i went down to the basement to get my scooter to go to chinese this morning, who was there waiting for me? jerry. funny how things work out. when i first got back from tx and he was living in the dorm, i had to guilt him into giving me a ride. i guess it's no secret that he has a little crush on me. i didn't even mention the love poem to you. there's the card, 3 poems and the cd.
this is my living room in my old apartment. i miss curling up on that chair.

it's always been interesting to me how guys court girls differently based on the girl. jerry isn't really a good example because he's a writer, so the poems are sweet but not out of character. but nearly everyone i've dated has made construction paper cards and done the cutest, most personalized things for my own personality. it's been really sweet.
anyway i guess jerry is wearing me down because i'm thinking twice about the sparkle. how many times can someone tell you you look pretty that day before it starts to get to you? and he's just genuinely a nice, creative, good person.
christmas cookie decorating party 2007. that was a fun time. our kitchen counters were filled to capacity with cookies, it had to overflow to the living room.

so it's been really humid outside and my naturally wavy hair was just feeling gross and too long, so i got a hair cut today. only one woman at this teeny little beauty salon spoke english, so she translated to the woman who was cutting my hair and then left us to pantomime. the woman did a pretty good job but it just ended up a lot shorter than i had envisioned. she kept cutting off half an inch and then layering and then thinning with this razor and then cutting again. i think i lost something like 3 inches total and now it falls around my collar bones.
an approximation.. this was june 08 but it's close. that was an unusually good hair day. oh texas, how i miss your lack of humidity.

it was kind of funny though because they kept passing me around. one woman cut my hair, one woman washed it, then one woman dried it a little, #1 dried it a little more, #2 dried it a lot more and then #3 came over and fluffed it up and gave me miss america bangs. what is it about hair dressers feeling the need to tease the heck out of your hair?
bec and i at the lake in our sun hats circa 2006 or 7.

class was crazy tonight. we learned.. khaki, gold, silver, teal, periwinkle, maroon, baby blue, neon orange/green/yellow/pink, dark, light and brights.. in my first class. they were just going insane the whole time. they were also learning words for rooms in a house, which i learned in chinese today, so we did megan speaks chinese, they speak english. they were reaaaally excited to hear my chinese since i've never used it with them.

in my second class, we played a fun game with flashlights since the lesson was about things in the night sky and i wanted a reason to turn the lights off. they were screaming so loud at one point that someone came to make sure we were ok.
this book was on some food blog and i just think it's funny that it's called Megan Hearts Baking and the girl looks like me. you'd be surprised how many fictional Megan's have brown hair. look how multicultural my friends are.

time to read!


Anonymous said...

Humidity is the sole reason that I could never live in Taiwan. That and I've been totally spoiled by SoCal weather.


megan said...

yeah i was born in la jolla and we lived in san diego for a while. i really miss that weather.

Anonymous said...

man! i still have to take your mom up on her offer to let nirav and i got out there for a night. i haven't forgotten, majji! perhaps when it warms up a bit. =)

Majjy said...

Any time Becca..Just give me notice to get you clean sheets.