Thursday, February 26, 2009

have i been too denying of you?

dawn is back from thailand! and she bought me a present! is it still a present if you beg for something for days and days before someone goes somewhere..? it seems like every traveler in asia has a pair of these awesome thai fisherman's pants, and now i do too!
they apparently only come in one size and i could fit 4 of me in them. but they feel like big open airy jammies and it's wonderful. i still need to figure out how to tie them so it doesn't feel all caddywhompus. i did it once today but i've had trouble recreating it. you have to fold the extra fabric in and then tie them at the top.. it's confusing.
today was largely uneventful except that i subbed a class (that may or may not have been at a different school than usual) and it was awesome. the kids were really smart and fun, they didn't speak any chinese and even had a hard time making themselves speak it when i asked for the translations. i also got to see jaime and joyce! joyce was cute as could be with pig tails and her teeny tiny little yellow flip flops that are the size of my pinkie.
(see how you fold over the extra fabric and then tie it at the top? it feels weird if you cross it tooo much, but it seems to be a delicate balance. after you tie it, you fold down the extra fabric on top to cover the tie, see below.)
the only other thing about today was a glimmer of sunshine in my otherwise annoying wednesday class. my coteacher left the room for10 minutes to talk to a student so it was just me and the class, so some of the girls wrote the chinese on the board and i wrote the words i knew (you, i and 'de'). we were talking about their favorite brand of tennis shoes.during the break, a couple of girls asked me if i listened to the carpenters. i don't know why, but i think they're kind of popular in taiwan right now. my kids have brought them up a few times. random. jane asked me if i could sing 'top of the world'.
we got a new guy in the dorm today. i didn't have any idea we were supposed to get someone new and then i heard a new voice upstairs when i was ironing downstairs at the bottom of the stairwell. his name is john, he's from vancouver, and he lived in south korea for 4 years and now he's here. he was reaaally chipper for having just gotten off the plane this morning. he seems to have an interest in watching movies. he mentioned movies a lot today. so far, so good.


Jessica said...

I love the fisherman pants too! I could live in the ones I brought back from Thailand every day.

Anonymous said...

yay vancouver!!!! i'm from vancouver.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find is that since you've been around...(I think I'm missing words here) your love has put me on the top of the world couldn't help myself Aunt Pam

megan said...

and the only explanation i can find is the love that i've found ever since you've been around.. your love put me at the top of the world.

when i was in high school, my first boyfriend had a thing for the carpenters when he made me CDs.