Sunday, February 22, 2009

with musical names and musical sounds

i'm using too much brain power arguing with jerry about how intelligent people should use their intelligence to write this right now. i couldn't explain the outcome of that argument if i wanted to.

well today was really good on all accounts. is it 'in' or 'on' all accounts? waitttt, it's actually 'by' all accounts.. i think being an english teacher in a foreign country actually makes you worse at your native language. i've learned to only use words my kids have learned and phrases like 'bye bye your books' even though i guess i've held on to 'put away your books, please and take out your...'. i've caved with things like 'one time' which means 'someone already asked that, ask a different question' and .. there are millions of them, i just can't think of any right now. i'll work on that.

anyway my little kid classes went by super quickly without a hitch and we even had fun in my horrible, no good, very bad jr. high class. i had them unscramble sentences and write them with pieces of spaghetti and they actually got into it. that class is usually so challenging. i tried to play a game last week where they ask a question and then toss a marker and try to get it to catch on the lip of the white board.. but the kids would just throw all 4 markers at once or throw them at the middle of the board.
when it's a choice between having a small amount of fun or being totally lame and not participating, why do teenagers choose to be lame? groupthink is so powerful. when i was their age, i just humored the teacher because i was quiet and i'm a goodie two shoes, what can i say.

today i had 2 boys in there who just flat out said no to me when i asked them to do something. i felt completely helpless at that point, as i have no real punishment to dole out. i just held up the rest of class and stood there until they did what i had asked.

then tonight, a whole bunch of us went out to this bar down the street. carly, steph, chris, danille, jerry, jon, josh, katie, mike and steve and i went. so much fun. i was the first one to walk through the door and the entire club stopped talking and looked over at us as we paraded in. we played dice games, sang along with the bad renditions of english songs, and mingled with a group of reeaaaally drunk taiwanese people. we had a great time. now it's 5am, i've argued with jerry for 2 hours (and won, i'd say), and it's time for bed.

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