Sunday, February 8, 2009

she's so heavy

here are the pictures from today. leila told me that she and josh were meeting bobo and fam for lunch at latini's, so i joined them. here's leila and joyce and jaime and i.
we played in the park for a bit afterwards and it was so funny to see all of the kids at the playground stop and look at us. jon, see below, was chasing the girls and all of the kids were just watching him run around. then this evening we went to the annual staff banqueteveryone in the dorm before we made our way there this evening. from left to right it's jerry, me, jon (new guy), carly (newest girl with purple hair) and katie is on the bottom, stephan is in green beside carly, he's her boyfriend, then chris and danielle on the far right.
some of my coteachers at da chu. dora, emily and augusta.
the vegetarian table
tomatoes are considered fruit in asia.
serena, who we haven't seen in aaages since she moved out of the dorm, and leilashriiiiimp.
martyn & i.
my coteacher carol and i. she's the one who occasionally makes little kids cry. she has a booming voice.
emily's tulle skirt. it's soo taiwanese and so is she.
lobster salad covered in sweet mayo stuff. blech.
other food at the banquet: sliced cow stomach, squid stuff with benito flakes, seafood soup but the soup is kind of like jelly, the veggie table had fried durian and it tastes just like it smells (disguuuusting like rotting fruit and onions), anddd fruit and red bean paste things for dessert.
jerry with his homemade haircut. i tried to fix it tonight but it didn't work. it just looks all choppy.
all of our food was on a giant turntable which was a problem for the beer drinkers, as it always seemed to be on the wrong side of the table.

it was a really fun night. i haven't seen any of my coteachers with a few drinks in them before. we also got to see all of the the people who have moved out of the dorm so it was good to catch up.
alex, martyn and i headed to the lantern festival afterward and it was super crowded. i can't count how many people i held awkward eye contact with tonight as they saw us coming. glad to be home in my comfy jammies and out of heels.


Majjy said...

Your horticultural mother is here to explain that a tomato is taxonomically and technically a fruit.

A fruit is defined as a ripened ovary of a seed bearing plant. Therefore, a tomato is a fruit.

Whereas a vegetable is
1 A plant cultivated for an edible part, such as the root of the beet, the leaf of spinach, or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower.
2 The edible part of such a plant.

megan said...

i know that. but we don't eat tomatoes with grapes at home. here, they do.